Construction of Sports Playroom for children in Armenia, Colombia

We are trying to raise US$13520
to support the construction of Playroom specialized in sports located in the Olympic villa in the city of Armenia, Colombia.
A project of Active 20-30 Club Armenia – Colombia.
Contribute today and help a child go to school.    btn_donateCC_LG

Project Description:

The Active 20-30 Club, from the city of Armenia, Colombia, in its commitment to the development of underprivileged children, has developed the project “Centenario Playroom and Sports Center” in partnership with the Centennial Football Stadium, official stadium of the city, which has a running track and a Gymnastics Olympic Coliseum . Through the support of IMDERA which is the Municipal Institute for Recreation and Sport, Active 20-30 has obtained volunteer teachers for children who visit the playroom to practice these three sports for the project here presented.

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In addition to this, the Active 20-30 Club of Armenia participated in the logistical support of the Central American and Caribbean Games, held in the city during November 2013. During these sports days, 14 children linked to Active club programs 20 30 Armenia, participated in the initiative of the national government and the Colombian Olympic Committee in implementing the “CATODO” program, an educational and recreational sports methodology, in which technological tools are used to attract the attention of children to sports.

Finally, given that the program was part of the Colombian Olympic Committee, this was dismantled at the end of the games, and checked the generated impact on children benefited from the program in playful learning in sports practices. The results were positive.

The project “Centenario Playroom and Sports Center” is based on the child’s interaction with tools that allow a fun way to learn about each discipline, technology such as game consoles attract the child’s attention to an innovative physical dynamics. In this way, children would be working in the playroom both the physical and technological side to the sports, which they rarely have access.

During the day disciplines of attention and concentration were implemented strategies of interaction between children and improving interpersonal relationships. From these strategies the child is removed from dangerous actions that attract you at the time on their vulnerable populations.

This project will be implemented with new elements and coordinated with local sport organizations and private entities in partnership with the Active Club 20 30 Armenia.


For more information on the project please write to

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