Rebuilding Nepal


The Land of the almighty Everest was hit hard by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25th April. The forces of nature shivered this culturally rich country at the most densely populated city of the country.

Historical monuments, commercial & residential buildings fell as if they were house of cards. The images that came in were heart-breaking to see kids, women & elderly people trapped the debris.

Image: Nepal earthquake

The community responded soon to help the people around them and save the lives of the trapped ones.

Death tolls are believed to be reaching 2000, and thousands of injured. The injured are being treated in open streets outside the hospital as the wards are full. Numerous aftershocks jolted the country on Saturday and Sunday as people sheltered where they could. People have slept out on the streets, parks, open grounds on sunday night too scared to return to homes that are vulnerable to strong aftershocks.

Roads to the remote locations outside the Kathmandu valley are blocked due to landslides. Help in the remote might take a while to reach.

We believe that the authorities will do their best to clear the debris and restore the communication system & power.

Round Table Nepal believes that we should take a step forward in helping the community to restore their lives back. People would need shelters, food, drinking water, medicines in the worst hit areas. RT Nepal has created a relief fund “FOR NEPAL” to support the 2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief & Rehabilitation activities.

To start with RT Nepal has planned to adopt a village to commence rehabilitation and rebuilding work which shall involve construction of permanent shelters, schools and hospitals.

Members of Round Table International and Active 20-30 from across the World have stepped forward to help RT Nepal in this hour of need.

You can donate right here through Paypal. All the money raised shall go to RT Nepal’s “FOR NEPAL” fund to rebuild Nepal after such a huge devastation.


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