About WOCO

The WOCO foundation is a joint international commitment to a socially better future. It targets to enable 1 million children and their families to live a better life.

Many national service club associations including  Round Table,Active 20-30 International, Ladies Circle and APEX Bangladesh are forming this joint international commitment. With project experience that goes back as far as 1922, we can act globally and work locally!

A network of more than 30.000 people organizes and supports many hands-on projects mainly in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. The projects are targeted at children and are mainly in the healthcare and education sectors.

Most projects are free of any overhead costs. Additionally, many hours of hands-on work and services are invested into the projects. We work professionally and on an honorary basis. Our members provide 50% of the funds for their projects. In turn, the WOCO foundation supports the projects through matching grants.

As a result, this generates a 4 to 1 advantage compared to other charities. This is due to the fact that many other charities need a substantial amount of donations to finance their administration. The WOCO foundation only needs a management fee of 5% of the donor’s funds, of which any excess that remains at the end of a business year will also be invested into service projects of our members.

This unique project set-up enables us to create 200% project value for our donors. The calculation is simple: for projects with a value of 2 million US Dollars, our donors provide 1 million and our members do the same. The small management fee of the WOCO foundation is more than offset by the honorary work that the WOCO foundation and its members are investing hands-on into the respective projects.

The honorary work and the funds that our members invest also lead to a strong ownership of the project. Through global action and local involvement we ensure utmost efficiency in planning, sourcing, managing and monitoring the projects. This also ensures and optimizes the maintenance of i.e. a school building in the longer term, as we are still there long after the project has been completed.

But after all these figures, there is a final figure that is the most important of all, for the one who helps and for the one who is being helped: 100% RoE – 100% return of emotion!

WOCO is a registered 501(c)(3) in the United States.

For the shareholders, the WOCO foundation acts as an agent to generate donations from corporations and foundations. For the latter, the WOCO foundation provides many services such as selecting projects, ensure a proper project set up and project management, as well as performing project audits.

The service that the WOCO foundation provides both to shareholders and corporations and foundations is that it matches the funds of the parties involved. With the respective honorary work involved from our worldwide more than 30.000 people strong network of professionals, we are usually able to more than double any donation received. This is achieved despite the management fee of 5% on the external donors funds, that the WOCO foundation needs to be able to operate.

Our shareholders operate locally mainly targeting medical and educational projects, but also act globally especially with bigger projects in third world countries. It has to be understood, that our organization is not designed at providing first aid in the light of a catastrophe, but rather works in mid to long term projects in the community.