WOCO Introduction

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Dear Friend,
I would like to thank you for your support and trust in the Foundation and the spirit it upholds Globally.  During the Annual General Meeting that was held in Valence in August 2013, the new board was elected.When we took over we decided on some of the priorities and decided on the following key objectives:

  • Woco Foundation should be a valuable resource to its member associations.
  • Woco Foundation should help generate worldwide visibility and goodwill of the community service activities carried out by its member associations.
  • Woco Foundation should help in raising funds for various community service projects through its network of worldwide contacts and patrons both from across associations as well as thorough external corporate partners.
  • Create a positive sense of belonging and a feeling of pride in becoming a member of the Woco Foundation.

In line with the above objectives we have initiated various actions thanks to the support of Board members Tushar, Lisa & Evan.  Following are few of the highlights:

  • Active focus on Social Media.
    • We have already launched our official Blog. This will soon be integrated with the WF website and Facebook group. Ask to be added to the Woco Foundation FB Group if you’re not already on it.
    • Kindly share positive stories of DOING GOOD through your local club/association that may be posted on the Blog.  Kindly email the stories to Tr. Hamir Sampat hamirsamson@gmail.com. With the Subject Line (woco)
    • You may also encourage members to follow WOCO activites by giving a Like to our Facebook Page.
  • Active online donation account that can accept donations from across the world for various charities.
    • We have supported Madras Midtown Round Table 42 ( RT India) to raise online funds from international donors to the tune of 10k USD and still counting.  Please visit www.kc500.com for details on the initiative.
    • Started a new online campaign for Bombay Round Table 2 (RT India) to raise online funds from international donors towards Blind Men’s Rally a unique community event partnering a Blind Navigator and sighted car driver.
  • There are several other initiatives in initial stages and we shall keep sharing updates with you from time to time through various mediums of communication.

We invite member associations to submit Project Proposals for which Woco might be able to help raise international funds. For this, please download the application form here and submit it to Tr.Tushar Agarwal at agroytushar@gmail.com.

Yo can also download a WOCO presentation here for your perusal and use.

In case you have any new ideas to share please feel free to reach out to any of the Board members.  We also invite floor members to participate as Board members or to volunteer time to support the various causes of the Woco Foundation.  I thank Tr. Hamir Sampat from Madras Knights Round Table 181 (RT India) who has volunteered to be the official blogger of the WF.

I’m also please to share the details of the Woco Foundation Board for your immediate reference:


Chairman Vineet Parikh – RT India


Secretary Tushar Agarwal – RT India


Treasurer Lisa Gomez – Active 20-30


Floor Representative Vacant – Open for nomination
Active 20-30 Representative Evan Hershey – Active 20-30


Ladies Circle India Representative Soumya Sanjay – LC India


Round Table Representative

Woco Blogger

 Vacant – Open for nomination


Hamir Sampat – RT India


Best Regards,

Tr. Vineet Parikh

Chairman – WoCo Foundation. A registered 501 (c) (3) Charitable Trust.

Immediate Past President & International Relationships Officer – Round Table India

M-9998805050, email – parikh.vm@gmail.com


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